Running Off at the Brain

Not feeling nearly organized enough for a coherent post, so here are some random thoughts:

  • I simply do not get all these different flavors of vodka.  Name a fruit, there’s a vodka that tastes like it.  Cotton candy?  Strawberry shortcake?  Vodka is from Russia.  It should make you happy you’re not in a gulag.  It should taste like winter and misery.
  • They say no plan ever survives contact with the enemy.  Neither does any system upgrade.  With “enemy” meaning “user base.”
  • I really don’t care what J.J. Abrams said or didn’t say about Khan being in Star Trek Into Darkness.  If we’re going to hold every piece of pre-release publicity against a movie, we’re never going to like anything ever again. Should we knock off letter grades for bad posters?  Drop a star or two for a boring trailer?  Let the movie be the movie and let the hype be the hype.
  • WebMD is a great resource as long as you don’t mind your choices being “minor muscle pull” or “lethal rampaging cancer.”
  • I wonder if those people who thank God and call it a miracle when they find their photo albums unscathed in the wreckage of their home ever stop and think what God was up to when the tornado was doing its business. Seems he would have been a little more useful before the fact.
  • Hey, Orlando drivers.  That water coming from the sky?  It’s called rain.  It happens.  And dropping down to fifteen miles per hour isn’t going to keep your car from getting wet.
  • I bet I could let someone who didn’t know me take a look around my apartment and they’d have no way of knowing how old I am.  I’ve got two board games and a bunch of game cards on the coffee table, a tackle box full of X-Wing miniatures next to a shelf of RPG books, an XBox 360 under the TV, and an Imperial Walker model on a shelf in the bedroom.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the maintenance guys think I have a kid.
  • Didn’t have time to make lunch this morning, so I decided to grab something out of the vending machine.  The only option was a tuna wrap.  After much debate, I decided to buy it.  It got stuck in the machine.  I think it was trying to save me.
  • I think Germany is doing Justin Bieber’s monkey a favor.

And speaking of favors, that’s enough subjecting you folks to my ramblings for one evening.  Now go get some sleep.


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