Putting the “Daily” in The Daily Rich

I’ll tell you, there are days I want to go back in time and slap the keyboard away from Past Me before he has a chance to title this blog The Daily Rich.  For the most part, the days when I have something to say and the time in which to say it with some degree of flair, it’s not a problem.  But sometimes, when things just pile up on one another and it’s 11:00pm and I’m facing the prospect of a day going by without a post, well, I really want Past Me to explain himself.

It used to be I could get some thoughts down at work during lunch.  Maybe not a full post, but enough of a framework that it wouldn’t take much to make it presentable later.  But things have been crazy lately, so much so that I’m often just soldiering on through lunch, doing work while shoving a sandwich in my mouth.  And nearly every day of the week sees me up to something after I get off.  So the writing time is at a premium.

And if I’m being totally honest, I sometimes feel like the (admittedly self-imposed; no one’s on the edge of their seat over this) pressure to do a daily post saps away my enthusiasm for other kinds of writing.  Maybe that’s just an easy excuse, but the daily deadline often takes precedence over ones that either don’t exist or are far enough down the road to be comfortably ignored.  It’s like the athlete who over-trains, working out so hard they’ve got nothing left for the actual competition.  And that’s the only time you’ll see me comparing myself to an athlete.

Then again, I like that it bothers me if I miss a day.  At least I give a damn.  If the time comes when I blow off two or three days for no good reason without so much as a shrug, then I’ll be worried.  Or lost in some sort of temporal paradox from slapping Past Me around too much.


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