Everything’s Coming Up Argo

Okay, this is a little ridiculous.

We’re nearly a month past the Oscars, and still the most viewed post on this blog is my damn Argo review from last October.  As of today, it’s got 2,113 views, more than three times the next closest post, and it’s still getting a couple of dozen hits a day.  I could probably just stop writing anything and still get visitors from now until doomsday, because apparently, people can’t stop Googling, “hollywood sign broken argo.”

I suppose I should be grateful for the attention, but I have written other stuff, you know.  And as pleased as I am with how that Argo review turned out, I think that other stuff is pretty good too.  Granted, if a Google search brings someone here and they look around and like some of the other posts, it’s a win.  But sometimes I feel like the band who really wants to play songs from their new album while the crowd just keeps shouting for the hits.

Maybe I’ll just give in and turn this into an Argo blog.  All things Argo, all the time!  Or I could really drill down and just make it about pictures of the run-down Hollywood sign.  BrokenHollywoodSign.com.  “Welcome to Part Seven of my series ‘Letter by Letter,’ which today focuses on the second O in ‘Hollywood’.”  If it’s popular enough, I’ll even expand it to cover the “land” that was removed from the end of it.  Oh, the hits will just come rolling in!

There’s a part of me that’s tempted to remove the reference to the sign from the review, just so I’ll get some more honest traffic numbers.  But not only is that section sort of integral to the idea behind the piece, it would feel like cheating.  Besides, I’d hate to think of some lost soul not being able to find their way to my shining beacon of broken hillside lettering.

So, just to make sure we’re good:  hollywood sign broken argo.  Welcome.  Come on in.


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