I suppose when you’ve done over 800 blog posts, it’s not easy to remember the subject of every single one of them. But acknowledging that doesn’t make it any easier when you manage to write about the exact same thing you wrote about a year ago.  And when you only realize this when you’ve finished the post and are ready to click Publish.

Not that the idiocy of daylight savings time doesn’t deserve an annual raking over the coals, but I even repeated entire sentences.  Used similar jokes.  Sure, I can’t be expected to have encyclopedic knowledge of over 800 posts, but you’d think I would have looked ahead of time to make sure I wasn’t walking on familiar ground.  I’ll blame it on being cranky and tired from the time change.

This does highlight the inherent pitfalls of trying to keep a blog going on a daily basis.  There’s not always something worth writing about happening.  I’ve tried to create series and regular subjects so I have some structure, but there are days when I stare at this screen and have no idea where the words are going to come from.  I could prattle on about my daily minutiae, but who wants to read about me getting gas or going grocery shopping?  I want this to be something more than a potential alibi so I can prove my whereabouts on any given day.

It’s not easy coming up with new stuff after two years of posting.  Hell, it wasn’t easy after six months of posting.  But that’s part of the challenge.  I named this thing The Daily Rich for that exact reason, for the daily kick in the pants. While I’ve missed some days, I’ve hit the mark more often than not.  And, for the most part, avoided repeating myself.  I’ll leave the worth of what I’ve written up to you readers, but I certainly know the worth I’ve found in writing it.

See you next year for my take on daylight savings time.


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