The Next Big Project

Having recently polished off Musicography, I’ve been thinking about another regular series I could do on here.  I have to admit, I got used to having a sort of schedule, and knowing there was a go-to topic on days when nothing especially significant sprang to mind didn’t hurt either.  Since I enjoyed the entire Musicography experience — and since I’m not above being a shameless self-copycat — another series along similar lines seems like it would do the trick.

I started Musicography in an effort to talk more about music, although as a whole, it ended up being a more personal journey through the songs than any kind of real musical analysis.  I’m just not fluent enough in the language of music criticism to comfortably speak about it at length.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t swipe the format and apply it to something I do feel I’m qualified to go into some depth on.

And so I’m going to apply the same approach to movies.  One film from each year I’ve been alive, and a concerted effort to pick only one film per director.  And only one film per franchise.  As with some of the songs in Musicography, some of the films came to me long after they first appeared, but I’ll be going by year of release with this list.  I’m looking forward to the chance to re-live some cinematic memories, and dig into why the films I pick mean what they do to me.  And I’m not looking forward to the undoubtedly tough decisions that await me.

So I’ll be kicking things off on Friday.  Come back then for the start of…



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