The Straight and Narrow-Minded

The current worst page on Facebook is a little burst of sunshine called Heterosexual Awareness Month.  These poor put-upon souls are speaking up against the millennia of preferential treatment they’ve had to endure to get the message out that hey, people who are attracted to the opposite gender exist!  As if every single breathing human being on the planet isn’t proof of that.

Oh, they’ll try to claim that it’s their rights being trampled by the mere act of tolerating someone who’s wired differently from them.  But the truth is they’re a bunch of narrow-minded, self-centered cowards who can’t stomach the idea of anything that might intrude on the carefully constructed bubble in which they’ve cocooned themselves. There’s no room for anything that might make them question their beliefs.  No, they must be adhered to with their dying breath, without putting so much as a stray thought into them.  Because that’s the way they were brought up. Even if the way their parents was brought up was that separate bathrooms were just super.

When this band of idiots has to fear stepping out of their houses because someone might decide to beat them up over who they love?  When they’re denied the right to visit someone they love in the hospital because they happen to share a gender?  That’s when they can cry out for all the awareness they want.  Until then, they’re an embarrassment to anybody with a shred of common sense.  The only use this page has is a handy list of people whose friends requests should be refused.

I’d love to post this on their page, but they’ve bravely declared their intention to delete and ban any comments and posters they don’t like.  So honestly, they don’t deserve the effort of my words if they’re not even going to bother to engage.  Let them drift along with their ignorance proudly on display.


2 thoughts on “The Straight and Narrow-Minded

  1. These homophobic (and let’s not mince words on what they are) idiots and their ilk have been trying some pretty reprehensible tactics lately. Another strategy they’ve been trying lately is labeling the LGBT community as “bullies,” who shout down detractors. Sounds like projection to me. It’s pretty sick, the mindset of these bigots.

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