I’m sitting here debating which is worse:  not writing an entry today because I can’t think of anything compelling to write about, or writing about how I can’t think of anything compelling to write about and thereby sleazing my way into a cheap and easy post.

I did that once in college.  I had to write an essay describing how I used a book about problem solving to help solve a problem.  The only hitch was I hadn’t actually read the book, and wasn’t going to in the fourteen or fifteen hours before the essay was due.  I don’t know if I got distracted (a distinct possibility, since it was my senior year and the opportunity for distraction was high) or if I decided I just couldn’t be arsed to read a book about problem solving, but there I was, no essay and time running out.  So I did some pulling out of my ass a proctologist would be proud of and spun this page of such prodigious bullshit that I’m amazed I didn’t get kicked out of the class merely by turning it in.  It was essentially, “I have no problem except writing this essay, and now I’ve written it, problem solved.”  I almost want to slap myself now just thinking about it again.

The professor totally saw through my pathetic scam, of course.  “It’s obvious you didn’t read the book,” he wrote. Then added, “But this is so clever, I can’t bring myself to give you less and a B on it.”  Problem solved indeed.

And look at that.  It worked again.


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