Getting on Board

For the longest time, I wouldn’t buy board games.  Chances were good that any game I’d be interested in, my friends would already have.  And since they were the only ones I really played with, there wasn’t much point. Besides, I already have enough role-playing games just sitting on shelves.  I didn’t see the point in adding more to the collection.

Which makes it hard to explain exactly why I now have a stack of almost a dozen board games neatly arranged underneath my end table.  Well, two of them are Star Wars related, so that makes sense.  Although one is a miniatures game, another genre I swore I’d never get into.  The power of the Dark Side, I guess.

As for the rest, I blame my board game nights.  I’d see people show up with great big tubs full of games, on the off chance someone wanted to play something.  And the idea of having a library of games just kind of started growing on me.  It’s not as though I have people dropping by all the time, but that won’t always be the case (at least I sincerely hope not, because if so, I should stop with the games and just start collecting cats).  There may be people I want to play games with who don’t already own them.  I’m just preparing to be a gracious and attentive host.

There’s also something geekishly neat about opening up these boxes packed with tokens and counters and punching them out and arranging them and storing them.  It’s an OCD wonderland of plastic bags and deck organizers and plastic sleeves and every other organizational tool you could possibly think of.  Sometimes? Sometimes I’ll just take things out and deliberately scatter them about just so I have to organize them again, but maybe in a different arrangement this time.

Moving away from the cry for help portion of the post — and this might sound a little like an episode of Hoarders –there’s something comforting about just having them.  I’ve always been a bit of a pack rat, so this is just another thing I can collect.  I’m not buying them just for the sake of buying them, they’re games I’m actually interested in, but it gives me a happy feeling seeing them all stacked over there across the room.  And in a pinch, some of the boxes can be used to prop up furniture.

But above all it’s about not denying myself things that make me happy.  I’m not going to go into debt filling every empty space with games, but I’m also not going to make up some excuse for not embracing my inner gamer geek. Anyway, I can’t afford a sports car, so this and growing my hair are my midlife crisis.


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