2012 Movie Mayhem

2012 was the first year when I really kept track of the movies I saw, at least in any kind of organized form.  All told, I watched 180 films, or, more accurately, watched a movie 180 times, because there were a couple of repeats (thank you, Joss Whedon and Peter Jackson).  I wanted to hit 200, but time and opportunity were against me.  Still, it was a great cinematic year, with a lot more enjoyable experiences than bad.  And while it seems a little pedestrian to reduce last year to a bunch of statistics, I didn’t spend the last year updating an Excel spreadsheet just for laughs.

Last year, I saw 38 new movies in theater, more than three a month, with 46 trips to the multiplex in all.  And somehow that still doesn’t feel like enough.  There were definitely some theatrical releases that I regret not having gotten to, and I didn’t take as much advantage of my Enzian membership as I would have liked.  So a resolution for 2013 is to make more trips to the theater and get the big screen experience.

On the home front, I watched 63 new movies at home, and 134 total.  Netflix Instant and Redbox were a godsend in this area, making it pretty easy to knock out two, sometimes three, even four movies a day.  Throw in my pretty sizeable disc collection, and I could easily do another 150 or so this year without ever walking out the door.

My most watched director was — please try to contain your surprise — Steven Spielberg, with five films over the course of the year.  Tied for second was the unlikely duo of Quentin Tarantino and Ishiro Honda (thanks to my Godzilla binge back in March).  Although I think Tarantino would probably be pretty geeked about being tied with Honda.

Drama was my most viewed genre with 44 entries, followed by science fiction with 32.  Alternating between real life and outer space seems like an appropriate kind of mix for the year I had. I don’t know if I’ll bother tracking genre this year; there were too many films that defied any kind of easy label, and I’d rather consider what a film was trying to say as opposed to what box to put it into.

As far as year, the vast majority of films were from the last two years.  This was mostly due to catching up on 2011 films I’d missed and trying to stay current on 2012 films.  There are definitely some gaps in my CV as far as older films go, so another resolution is to try to catch up on some film history.

180 may seem like nothing to sneeze at, but I have friends on Facebook who easily got into the 300s.  I’m not sure I can keep up that kind of pace, or at least not without merely having movies on as background constantly and not really paying attention to that.  And the real point of this exercise is to enjoy the films I see, not just rack up a total. I’ve already got the first film of 2013 under my belt (Beasts of the Southern Wild, a 2012 hold-over).  At least 179 to go.


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