end_coverfull_color1400SFF World forums.  There’s a pretty active and supportive community of established and hopeful writers over there, and it’s been a good regular kick in the pants to keep the creative juices flowing.

Well, a bunch of us there have taken the next step and put together an anthology of original short stories.  And since this was our first attempt, we decided to keep the theme simple:  we decided to destroy the world.  The result is The End:  Visions of Apocalypse, and I’m please to announce that it is now available for the rock-bottom end of the world price of absolutely zero dollars over at Smashwords.

Inside, you’ll find twelve takes on how the whole ball of wax might go up and what could happen afterward.  There’s despair, solemnity, contemplation, adventure and even a bit of humor (one guess where my story falls on that spectrum), perfect for whiling away the days until the Mayans kick us all off the planet.  Here’s what you can expect:

Julia’s Garden by Michael Aaron
Silver Sky by Liam Baldwin
Empty Nest by R. F. Dickson (hey, that’s me!)
Tick by Wilson Geiger
Relapse by Norman Gray
Executable by Hugh Howey
Fly the Moon to Me by Stephen “B5” Jones
Sacrifice by G. L. Lathian
Let’s See What Tomorrow Brings by Igor Ljubuncic
The Last Hand by Pete McLean
Burning Alexandria by Michael J. Sullivan
Mother and Child by Tristis Ward

You can find the book in a variety of formats on Smashwords, and it’ll be coming soon to Amazon and other online e-book retailers.  If we’re all still here when soon rolls around, that is.

UPDATE:  I’ve found out that The End will be free until December 21st, after which it will cost 99 cents.  This is the minimum we have to charge in order for some online retailers to carry the book.  But it’s been decided that all proceeds from sales of the book will be donated to charity, probably either to Sandy Hook Elementary or to schools affected by Hurricane Sandy.  So by all means, grab the book for free now, but if you’d like to get some good reading and help a good cause, drop a buck on it this weekend.


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