Righting the Ship Week 15: Saints 41, Bucs 0

I didn’t get to see this game due to playing in an X-Wing miniatures tournament in which I finished fifth.  I still had the better day.

But even if I had seen it, what’s there to say?  That’s a complete and utter embarrassment, completely undoing weeks of good work and seeming progress.  Everything is in question now, from Greg Schiano’s approach to Josh Freeman’s future.

Next week is the Bucs’ best chance not to end the season on a six-game losing streak as the Rams come to town. And they’ve got me wondering if they can do it.  Sure, 6-10 is an improvement over last year, and maybe if they’d gotten to this point by alternating wins and losses, it wouldn’t seem as bad.  And yes, the playoff talk was incredibly premature.  But to have been sitting at 6-4 and now sliding into oblivion with a bad loss to a bad team and an uncompetitive loss to a decent one, I just don’t feel like I can make excuses.

And that’s about 150 more words than this game deserved.

I might just go play X-Wing again next Sunday.


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