What I’d Watch 11/16/12

Oh god.  Why?  I mean, do I really have to?  Yeah, I know it’s on the release schedule, but still, really?  As if anything I’ve ever said in the over 700 posts on this blog indicates even the remotest interest…  Okay, fine, for the sake of thoroughness. But you owe me.  Big time.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 opens today.

And no, it doesn’t get a picture.  I prefer the vacant stares to be directed towards my blog, not from it.

And that’s that.  Moving on.

While the hordes line up for their sparkly vampires, I’ll be watching Lincoln, thank you very much.  When I did my Immortal Beard series, I talked a lot about the difference between the engaged and disengaged versions of Spielberg.  When he seems really invested in a project, like with a Saving Private Ryan or Munich, he’s pretty much untouchable.  And even when you can tell he’s not all in — say, The Terminal or the last Indiana Jones movie — he’s still better than a good chunk of the directors working today.  Well, if the advanced word is any indication, Lincoln is Spielberg fully, spectacularly engaged.  This has been a passion project of his for some time, and although the last time we got a movie he’d been waiting a long time to make we ended up with Hook, Lincoln looks like a completely different animal altogether.  Which is to be expected when you pin your film on Daniel Day-Lewis as opposed to Robin Williams.  And when Tony Kushner is writing your script. In fact, the last truly great Spielberg film, Munich, also had a script by Kushner.  So you can see why I’m more than a little excited about this film.  Combine that with ecstatic reviews from some critics who I’ve seen be less than kind to the Beard over the years and I’m as eager to go run out and see this tonight as I was for Skyfall last week.  Yeah, there won’t be any, “Lincoln.  Abe Lincoln,” and the gun barrel won’t be as charitable, that’s for sure.  But arguably our greatest living director and actor should be plenty of firepower.


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