No, I haven’t given up already.  It’s only eight days in, there’s plenty of time.  But this week so far has been a bit of a disaster.

First there was Sunday, and I was completely lost.  I loved my idea, I just wasn’t loving putting it into writing.  Nothing was meeting my expectations.  Essentially, I had an idea, but not a story, and I was just flailing around hoping I’d stumble into one.  So I gave Sunday a miss, watched a ton of football, and gave myself a little distance.  Maybe a fresh start would be good for me.

Monday, I employed one of my usual ploys when I get stuck:  I just started introducing new characters.  New voices, new quirks, new points of view, tossing in anything that came to mind.  Not only do I feel more comfortable with writing dialog, but writing that dialog can eat up chunks of words before you realize it.  By the end of Monday, I’d cranked out over two thousand words, had assembled a little band of adventurers, come up with a reason for them to be together, and was ready to send them on their way.

Tuesday … well, who was really going to get anything done Tuesday night?  I devoted about an hour to some prep for the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game I was running on Wednesday, and then it was nothing but exit polls and projections and crazy swirling maps and an equally crazy swirling Karl Rove.  Sure, I could have opened my document and distractedly tapped out a word or two, but who was I kidding?  And honestly, I felt less guilty making the conscious decision not to write than if I’d tried and not gotten anything done.

And then yesterday was the previously mentioned Star Wars game.  Since the game is in beta, there’s no published material to draw from, so I had to dream up a session’s worth of material.  I threw together a bare outline of some things I wanted to happen … that my players promptly ignored, forcing to me to scramble and GM on the fly. They did hit some of the highlights I wanted to hit, but not before I invented three new NPCs and two new locations on the spot.  But I pulled it off, managed to run a bantha chase that was just as hilarious initially as I wanted it to be, and a good time was had by all.

This weekend is going to be a grindstone weekend though.  I’m going to buckle down and try to catch up on the lost time.  I’ve got five good characters that can bounce off each other, and a plot that allows them to go to different places, so I don’t have to keep them anywhere too long.  I’m going to lock the door, turn down my phone, and pound these keys as if my life depended on it.

After I see Skyfall, of course.


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