I took a look today at the Excel sheet I’m using to track my movie watching for the year, and I’ve only watched four movies this month.  Only one of those was in the theater, and that was Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I want to see The Master and Dredd, but for some reason, I just haven’t felt that excited about watching movies lately.

It’s not that I’m not still excited about what movies can do and be.  I danced around like a little kid when the new Hobbit trailer hit, finally letting go of my curmudgeonly ire at the whole three movie thing because the tone of the trailer felt so right.  I was fascinated by the recent first look at Les Misérables, by the interesting acting opportunities available to the cast by performing the songs live before the cameras.  But those are months away.  I’m finding I’m lacking the motivation to watch much right now.  I’ll scour the choices at the Redbox machine and just shrug and walk away.  I’ll think about watching one of my DVDs or Blu-rays to re-experience an old favorite, but it remains just a thought.  And forget about actually going to a theater.

Now I have been in football mode since the beginning of the month.  I’ve been mainlining college and NFL games, especially with having four fantasy teams to watch implode before my eyes.  And I’ve been busy putting together theStar Wars roleplaying game I’m going to run in a few days.  But maybe I just need a bit of a fallow period to recharge myself.  I see friends of mine on Facebook keeping count of their movie-watching, and some of them are in the 300s already.  I just can’t fathom that.  It seems like there’s no way you could actually enjoy films watching them at that kind of pace.  They’d have to be on as background noise almost constantly, and I don’t think I could get anything out of them that way.  More power to those friends, I guess.

And it’s not like the recent releases have demanded attention.  It’s a slow period anyway, but the studios are really taking it slow.  Of course, we’ll start ramping up soon, but for now, the desire just isn’t there.

But the Enzian has a hell of a slate of Halloween movies coming up next month.  I’m going to get the Indiana Jones Blu-rays at some point, plus I need to pick up Cabin in the Woods and give that another look.  And there’s always Redbox and Netflix.  When you gorge on something, you’ve got to give yourself time to digest before you can enjoy it again.  September I guess is going to be when I cleansed the palate in preparation for what I hope is the feast to come.


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