It’s Simple

Some of these things shouldn’t really have to be said at all, so I’ll say them quickly:

If at any time you truly think your god wants you to hurt someone else in his/her/its name, you need to think about what it is you want from religion.  Because what it sounds like you want is an excuse.

You can’t take exception to every perceived slight to your own religion while at the same time being perfectly all right with someone else’s being mocked.

It’s appropriate to wait at least until their family has had time to grieve before you use someone’s death to score political points.  That time to grieve should last approximately forever.

If you do decide to throw propriety to the wind and score your points anyway, the bare minimum you could do is not look so smug about it.

America isn’t infallible.  It’s never been infallible, and it never will be.  Therefore, its policies shouldn’t proceed from the assumption that it is.

Being sensitive to the fact that things your country says and does can have an impact on what other people say and do isn’t weakness, it’s common sense.  A rare commodity, these days.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m tired and cranky and going to bed.  How about nobody blows anybody up or acts like a jerk while I’m asleep, okay?


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